Current Characters

Here’s a list of the current characters in our group.

Since we are all relatively new (or new-again) to D&D, these characters will probably change as we gain levels and/or decide that they are not exactly what we thought they were when the group started out.

One the DDI Character Builder gets updated to build Essentials characters (if ever…) I will post the character sheets on this page as well.

Thoughts on the characters would always be welcomed.


SteeleWolfe (Human Assassin) Level 2 – Male

Buffy (Halfling Thief)  Level 2 – Female

DonWarden (Elf Cleric) Level 2 – Male – Sun Domain

Lee (Human Knight) Level 2 – Male

mage (Eladrin Mage) Level 2 – Female – Evocation School

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