4 months without a post??

Posted on March 13, 2011



Wow, can’t believe that it’s been four months without a post.

I’ll give you a quick update of what’s going on with the campaign now:


okay, that’s not exactly true.

  • We have played a session or two, but some of the players are no longer with us, and we’ve (sort of ) picked up another.
  • I started using Epic Words for campaign tracking (thus the prolonged absence from this blog???)
  • I have made a couple of “personal use” add-ons for MasterPlan that I may make available at some time in the future.

I have also let my DDI subscription lapse.  Mainly because I don’t use it at the moment.  I’ll buy it back when I get to playing regularly again.  maybe…

That’s it for the update…

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