Campaign Update (part #3) Jello Shots before the Big Dance.

Posted on October 26, 2010


In the last post, the party had just finished rescuing to mage.  I chalked that up as a point for the DM, getting the mage into the group as part of the story.  Two things that I didn’t mention in the last post were:

  1. The girl who was going to join us (Beth) and play the mage came down with a cold on Friday.  This meant that I would play the mage as an NPC.  Okay with me.  I kind of envied the players for being able to fight the monsters while I managed the flow…
  2. I didn’t name the mage, since I wanted to let Beth choose.  This would allow her to at least have some connection to the mage’s creation.  So when the characters asked the mage her name, she declined to answer “for personal reasons…” (could be a story plot later??).  So everyone refered to her as “the mage”.

Mmmm… Jello

Grey Ooze attacks!

Out of the corner of your eye, you see movement in the corners of the room.

The mage gave the key that she was holding to Lee (Knight) to hold for the party, and the party headed for the magical door that they had encountered earlier.

As they enter the Statue room, movement in the corners draws their attention.  Three Grey Oozes slide out from behind the statues and through cracks in the corners of the room, cutting off the adventurers from the exit.

Grey Ooze Attack #2

The party jumps into action, with Lee (Knight) taking point.  Buffy (Thief) takes a candle that she had found, and hurls it at the closest cube, only to see the cube melt ever so slightly before consuming the candle and continuing forward.

The Oozes attack, and for the most part the party is able to jump out-of-the-way.  SteeleWolfe (Assassin) poisons his blade and stabs in into the closest Ooze.  The poison immediately starts to spread through the jelly and affect the Ooze.

The mage proves to be a valuable addition to the party as a pillar of fire erupts in the center of the battle, melting bits of the cubes every turn.

Back and forth the battle goes, with both sides taking damage.  At some point, Buffy (Thief) stabs a cube, then jumps into the air, flipping over another cube, slicing it with her dagger as she spins past. A fantastic bit of tumbling that grants the party combat advantage on the last remaining cube of Ooze.


Grey Ooze Attack #1



As the adventurers finish off the Ooze and clean up their weapons and armor, they notice two items that had, presumably, fallen out of the melted Oozes.  One is a hammer, that upon study turns out to be an “Earth-Wrought” Hammer:

Earth-Wrought Hammer

This hammer appears to be carved from a single piece of stone, though it’s no heavier than a normal weapon. But it hits your enemies like a battering ram.

Level: 1
Price: 360 gp
Weapon: Hammer
Enhancement: +1 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: The target is knocked prone.


The other item is an Amulet of Protection:

Amulet of Protection

This light blue amulet increases your defenses.

Level: 1
Price: 360 gp
Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: +1 Fortitude, Reflex, and Will

DonWarden (Cleric) takes the hammer and Buffy (Thief) takes the Amulet.


The party finds their way back to the magically protected door safely and as the key is set into the lock, the magical protection gives way.  Using as much stealth as possible, the hero’s open the door, surprising everyone but the evil necromancer, Malreth.


Rushing Malreth's laboratory.

The party sprints into action, using their surprise to their advantage.  Lee (Knight) and DowWarden (Cleric) attack the large Ogre Zombie in the corner, doing major damage before it even know what hit it.  In the heat of the excitement, the thief and the assassin charge off on their own, targeting the closest of three skeletons. Both of them rip into the skeleton, but it fights back with fury.  The second skeleton steps up behind SteeleWolfe, cutting deep and marking him.


Malreth, barely looking up from his books, taunts the party, saying “That fool Treavus sent you, didn’t he?  He should have sent an able group, not one that would soon be part of my undead legion.”

From near the door, the mage fires a bolt of lightning that hits Malreth and the second skeleton, annoying them more than anything else.

As the third skeleton advanced on Lee (Knight), DonWarden (Cleric) attempted to smite the Zombie, only to have his prayers go unanswered.  Lee (Knight) sent the Zombie Ogre to the ground with a final crushing blow and turned his attention to the Necromancer.  As he advanced on Malreth, the skeleton beside him lashed out with unbelievable speed, cutting deep and dropping Lee (Knight) to the floor in an unconscious heap.

Malreth continues to taunt the party, pledging that their blood will be given in offering to his evil god, and for that he gets another bolt of lightning from the mage.

Having dispatched the skeleton next to her, Buffy grew impatient with the necromancers taunting. Jumping up on the table, she crushes the bottles and kicks away the books that Malreth has strewn about.  Malreth looks at her and mutters an incantation and Buffy (Thief) feels her body stiffen until she is unable to move.

SteeleWolf attempts to blow Id Moss Poison in the face of the skeleton he’s battling, only to have it laugh at him and strike out with a vicious blow.  Regaining his composure and senses, he swings back and drives his dagger deep into the skeleton, sending it into a heap of bones on the floor.

Meanwhile, DonWarden (Cleric) puts his attention to healing the fallen knight, while in the background, the fallen Zombie Ogre…. stands up.  DonWarden (Cleric) strikes out at it dropping it again, only to have it stand up again.  Lee (Knight) swings and puts the zombie on the floor a third time and before it can stand again, the mage steps in and sends a magic missile to finish it off for good.

Having finished off the Zombie Ogre, Lee (Knight) and DonWarden (Cleric) quickly dispatch the skeleton and join the mage in the fight against Malreth.

SteeleWolfe (Assassin), having finished off his attacker, turns to advance on Malreth, only to have the necromancer paralyse him with the same cursed words as Buffy (Thief), unfortunately the pain is too much for the assassin, and he crumples to the ground, dying…

Buffy (Thief), now free of her paralysis, makes a lunging attack at Malreth only to have him dodge.  The mage sends a freezing bolt at Malreth, chilling him to the bone and sliding him into the oncoming heroes.

Once surrounded, Malreth swings his staff erratically at Lee (Knight), missing by mere inches. Lee (Knight) brngs his axe down hard on the necromancer, finishing the job that the party  came to do…


In the quite that surrounded party after the battle, DonWarden (Cleric) was able to heal SteeleWolfe (Assassin) and help him to his feet.  The party found some coins in Malreth’s chest and some potions and ointments that would be useful in the future.

The mage strode to the fallen body of Malreth and picked up his staff, claiming it as her own.

Then, as one, the party’s attention turned to the open box that Malreth had been studying when the heroes entered.  Inside was a human skull that the Mage and DonWarden (Cleric) could clearly feel emanating the most foul of evils.

They all knew that the decision to give the skull back to Treavus was made.  No mere man could be trusted with such an evil artifact.  Was Treavus more than just a local merchant?  What would they do with the skull if they didn’t return it?  Who else would want it?

These were some of the questions that the heroes pondered as the made their way out of the temple.  Tired, battered, but now a bit more experienced in the world…

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