Campaign update (part #1.5): A mage walks into a dungeon…

Posted on October 25, 2010


Filling a needed role

In reviewing our first gaming session, I realized that there was one big role that was missing.  The party had no ranged attacks (other than thrown daggers…).  With a Knight, Cleric and two sneaky types (Thief & Assassin), it was clear to me that without some sort of ranged attack character, either a mage or ranger-type, the party could get themselves into a situation which close combat might best answer.

Heroes of the Forgotten Kindoms

Heroes of the Forgotten kingdoms

I was talking to some friends about this at the dojo and one of the senior girls asked if she could join us.  She had never played before and was interested in learning.  She has a good head on her shoulders and thinks things through, so I agreed that she could, with two caveats. One, her parents had to agree (they did), and two, she had to play a mage.

Why a mage?  Since we’re playing the Essentials line, the mage is the only character that does ranged attacks (in general).  Once the next book (Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms) is available, we will probably re-roll/merge/change characters/classes, but for now, mage is the best answer for what the party needs.

She agreed and I set forth to come up with a good way for the mage to join the party, already in the dungeon.

One of the hardest things that I can remember doing from my previous life of D&D, is getting a character/player into a party after the party has found their way deep into the dungeon.  This presented itself to me again, but this time I was ready.

The master plan


This is where I get to tell you about a great application that I found on-line for building campaigns and encounters.  MasterPlan is a free application that allows you to do everything from beginning to end of campaign development, including using it to play during a session.

While it took some time to catch up on using the tool (seeing as it’s been 18+ years since playing regularly), I was able to make a simple 2-3 encounter (module?, session?, project? ) addition to the current dungeon, allowing me to get the mage into the group.

This application is worth checking out if you haven’t, and has an API for those of us programmer types that want to “fix” completed and properly working applications.

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